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****Update - All the following bars are sold out****

This creamy bar is a light sweet fragrance known as Osmanthus - nearly sold out at the craft fair!

Pale blue is Clean Cotton, smells like laundry right out of the dryer; Pale green bar is Blackberry Sage, a wonderful blend that is not too sweet, very summery and fresh; Ivory bar is Cool Mint, a crisp peppermint to wake you up!

Cool Breeze, a unisex clean smell, very popular

Tahoe - a woodsy fragrance reminiscent of the cedar forest.

Still Waters, a soothing herbal/floral blend with chamomile overtones.

Mulled Cider, a warm spicy apple smell perfect for holidays but really juicy and yummy anytime, a favorite.

Clean Cotton

Chamomile Glow, a soft mellow herbal scent, surprisingly rich for an herbal.

Blackberry Sage

Gift sets with a soap deck and washcloth


More craft faire stuff!

A few more things I'm bringing to the faire.... these cute boa bags contain a soap, bath pouf, a soap deck and a drawer sachet in a scent coordinated with the soap fragrance. and my Gypsy soap, a Patchouli/Nag Champa blend that smells like incense... very nice...


Craft Faire coming up!

****Update - soaps on this page sold out except for 2 bars of chamomile glow!!****

Here are some of the soaps I'll be offering at the upcoming holiday craft faire.

Clean Cotton, Blackberry Sage and Cool Mint

Pumpkin Bars

Chamomile Glow

Oatmeal Milk and Honey