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A fresh start for my Etsy shop - I'm working on restocking and preparing for the holidays so please do check back at my shop to see what's new. I will have new soap and also fresh batches of the deodorant you know and love!

thanks to all my customers for the warm messages and inquiries - I'm still here and working on getting your smelly stuff made. :)


Does it Lather?

That's a common question I get when people are checking out my booth. I think I need to set up a portable sink so I can give them the answer to their question with a demonstration, because look at this stuff!!


You can't resist...

this new soap I just listed, it's one of the most popular fragrances for handmade soap and with good reason! It's the perfect baby scent, kids love it, it's not too feminine for dads and boyfriends, but still yummy & sweet enough for those of us that love a warm comforting scent. Oatmeal, Milk and Honey... Mmmm!
oatmeal milk and honey soap

And don't miss this one - my Glacier soap: if you need to wake up and get your act together in the morning, here's a bar that will do the trick. A pure peppermint soap, not too strong but minty enough to be refreshing and energizing. On those summer mornings when you can feel the heat building before the day even starts, peppermint soap is the perfect way to keep your cool!

Glacier peppermint soap


Featured at MeanBean!

Today I got notice that I am being featured at the MeanBean blog. They interviewed me for this feature so if you want to know the nosy questions they asked and all the details you can click over there and check it out! lol

thanks goes to Kristin for a great feature, hope everyone enjoys it.

MeanBean's interview with me


Spoiled Rotten

That's how I'm feeling after receiving some super-luscious yummy stuff from Product Body! I am thoroughly enjoying this gorgeous array of skin-pampering items. Their Mama Bomb is a perfectly balanced moisturizing blend that I'm finding just perfect for those areas like elbows that winter has been harsh to, and my jar of Shea Butter Infused Cream has claimed first place in my line-up of after-shower skin treats. I still have a sample of Sugarfoot to enjoy, the ruby red grapefruit scent is already a favorite. You can find PB's Sugarfoot mentioned as a Real Simple Pick in Real Simple magazine's May '08 issue - 'nuff said!

Still working on it

Inspired by the turquoise bar I did a while back, I've done a batch of soap "rocks" to test out how it works with cold process in the first pour rather than a rebatch style which is how I did the turquoise. Most rock or gem type soaps are made in melt & pour which is a different beast altogether and not my forte. So I'm trying it out with my method, and my first attempt was interesting and instructional if not quite what I was hoping for. Some things went right and others not so well, but I hope to do better with the next batch. Since they aren't up to the standard I am going for, I'm not planning to put them up in my Etsy shop.

Etsy Talent Abounds

I recently was the beneficiary of a great swap with Torimade at Etsy. She created one of her Angels for me that fits my life just perfectly right now. I enjoyed communicating with her, she was as sweet as can be and understood what I wanted right down to color selection for the sculpture. I hope you'll take a look at her creations and feel confident in buying from or even placing a custom order with her. Just click on the photo to go to Torimade's shop at Etsy!

Mosaic Soap for Spring

My latest Mosaic soap, each tile placed by hand. These bars are a bit thicker than my usual bars, a very generous 6oz, and are the perfect fragrance for spring - a blend of bergamot & chamomile.

Savonara Mosaic Soap


Soap is Big

in my world. :)Savonara Handmade Soap

Sweet Lavender For Mother's Day

When I was a little girl, someone gifted me with a bar of Yardley's English Lavender soap. It was a special treasure that I kept in the box and savored before I finally brought it to the tub. Now I can make my own lavender soap anytime I want! Here's yesterday's new listing, a lavender bar that would make a sweet Mother's Day gift or a special treat for yourself.

Lavender Sweetheart Soap


Newly Listed

Two new Olive Oil soaps are now listed at my Etsy shop - take a peek! Just click on the photos below to go to the product's page in my shop.

Tea Tree with French Green Clay:

Tea Tree with Green ClayOrange Patchouli:Orange Patchouli


Soap Gem

I played around with some soap yesterday and came up with this:

soap gem turquoise

They are fun to make but more time-consuming than making a regular batch. I'm trying to decide whether to list it at my shop and make more... I'd have to list it at a higher price point than my regular bars. What do you think?

Etsy Talent

I recently found an adorable gift for my daughter at Etsy - I wanted to find something for her that was non-commercial so of course I was shopping handmade! I found dmollison's Handcrafted Sock Puppies and was immediately intrigued. When I clicked on her shop section for Teapot Babies, I knew this was what I'd been looking for! I found my little one the sweetest dolly ever, a one-of-a-kind Teapot Baby made from recycled wool sweaters. She is soft, cute and cuddly and has an innocent expression you can't help but love. Click on the photo to go see what new creations are waiting for homes at dmollison's Etsy store!

Tea Pot Baby from dmollison at Etsy


It's a Keeper

Today I have a helper to present the latest soap on the curing rack:

Sock Monkey presents to you his favorite soap -

sock monkey and a bar of black and white almond soap

This bar is scented in pure almond, yum!


Waiting is the hardest part

I've made four kinds of soap this weekend and if I could I'd list them all now!! But they must cure, so off they go to the curing shelves. I can, however, give you a sneak peek. For right now, here is my favorite of the four, a jasmine-scented pink soap with a bold black swirl.

pink soap with black swirl


It's a sunny soapy day

and the right way to start a sunny day is to get up, have your tea and unmold a couple of logs of soap... stare at them while sipping, pondering what might be inside. Go about your morning chores with a feeling like there's a surprise waiting for you - that's a good feeling. Put it off a little longer to make it last. Finally, go get your soap cutter. Take one last look at the long smooth sides of those gorgeous logs, and cut them up. Ahh. Now that's how to start a sunny soapy day.

soap logs


Yes, Saponification can be Fun!

I know I just posted about lye, but I ran into this page and had to share it. Even kids will understand this super cute explanation of how lye and oils turn into soap, with a little extra info about how soapers must calculate their ingredient amounts properly and why it's important.

How Soap is Made.


New Item!

I've added one of my favorite products to my Etsy shop - a deodorant made with (of course!) unrefined shea butter. I've been using it for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. Before I started making my own, I tried switching from typical commercial brands to some of the "natural" deodorant brands on the market. I liked their convenience but found that they didn't work all that well. My formula works much better for me, and I like being able to customize the scent with my favorite essential oils for their antibacterial and fragrant properties. My favorite right now is my Orange & Tea Tree blend. I also offer an Unscented variety for those who prefer to go fragrance-free.

deodorant butter from Savonara


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