I was framed!

Had been wanting to try this design for a while, learned a lot in doing it. I'll be playing with this one again, I think!

These both are scented with Nag Champa, a soft incensey floral.

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Lavender Kumquat

Here's my most popular fragrance, blended into a recipe of the Castile style. It contains half olive oil and half my favorite soaping oil, Rice Bran Oil. With the wonderful mild qualities of olive and the gentleness and foamy lather of rice bran, this bar has proven to be kind to my dry skin as well as a joy to use. Lavender and Kumquat together create a bright, sweet scent with a subtle floral note. Contains no colorant, the creamy ivory is the natural color of the soap.
I will make more as this soap sells out so check back if I don't have any right now.

****Sold out****


Wanna Glow?

What the heck is it, you ask? Well, you (hopefully) are familiar with my emulsifying scrub that turns to a lotion and rinses off, leaving you gently exfoliated and lightly moisturized... imagine it thicker... thicker... thicker... til you have a solid scrub bar that exfoliates and moisturizes, doesn't glop out of your hands and lasts several showers or baths... This is it!
Scented with a bright blend of Kumquat and Lavender, this will be the one part of your bathing ritual you won't ever want to skip. It will leave a light layer of rich emollients on your skin, you may notice you don't need a lotion after using this very special scrub. At 5.5 oz a generous portion that will have you looking forward to spoiling yourself with every shower.

****Update - Lavender Kumquat sold out
****Jasmine Kumquat sold out