This fresh smelling blend is a great unisex scent that has an uplifting effect like walking thru an evergreen forest in the snow.

****Sold out****
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Mayan Gold

Soap with a sultry side - rich, creamy incense-like fragrance popular with both men and women.
****Update - sold out****

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Sea Fresh

This soap is brimming with marine goodness, boasting mineral salt, powdered seaweed and a fresh green scent with fruity notes.

****Sold Out****

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Soap... cubed

Construct a modern look for your bath with these concrete-look cubes. Stacked on a wooden or stainless soap dish, this shea butter soap will add character and texture to your interior.
3oz. cubes fit in the hand nicely during use.

****Update - Sold Out ****

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Upcoming Event

We will be at the Bayley House sale on June 4th, our booth will be inside where it's nice and shady, so come by and pick up a few things to spoil yourself or someone special! If you are local to us you will want to watch for our flyers in the week or two prior to the sale.

The old mansion is not looking so fine these days, restoration is going slowly being funded mostly by donation. The sale helps by taking in funds from vendors as well as offering items related to the history of the area and the Bayley House.

****Thanks to everyone who stopped at our booth and helped make it a successful day for us, it was a lot of fun!****


Creamy Oat & Honey

A batch of Oatmeal Honey Castile. Real honey and oats make this an all-natural beauty. Pure olive and rice bran oils make it an exceptionally mild soap. No fragrance or colorant added to this soap.

**** Sold Out****
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Mosaic Soap II

The dusty rose and cream tiles are backed by leaf green and complimented by a fresh herby scent with a note of tart lime. (this is a limited edition soap)

Sold out

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Get free stuff from me

It's gotten so crowded around here with all these stacks of soap piling up, my hubby says it's him or the soap... somebody's gotta go. Ok not really, LOL!

But, you CAN get some stuff for free!

I am instituting a new referral policy for existing customers who are on my mailing list. If I receive an order from a new customer who mentions that you referred them to me, I will send a little somethin' out to you as a thank-you. So tell your friends!

In the meantime here's a relaxing scene from my neck of the woods to gaze at...

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Ok now go on and tell all your friends, I have lost my mind and am giving away soap! ;)