Does it Lather?

That's a common question I get when people are checking out my booth. I think I need to set up a portable sink so I can give them the answer to their question with a demonstration, because look at this stuff!!


You can't resist...

this new soap I just listed, it's one of the most popular fragrances for handmade soap and with good reason! It's the perfect baby scent, kids love it, it's not too feminine for dads and boyfriends, but still yummy & sweet enough for those of us that love a warm comforting scent. Oatmeal, Milk and Honey... Mmmm!
oatmeal milk and honey soap

And don't miss this one - my Glacier soap: if you need to wake up and get your act together in the morning, here's a bar that will do the trick. A pure peppermint soap, not too strong but minty enough to be refreshing and energizing. On those summer mornings when you can feel the heat building before the day even starts, peppermint soap is the perfect way to keep your cool!

Glacier peppermint soap


Featured at MeanBean!

Today I got notice that I am being featured at the MeanBean blog. They interviewed me for this feature so if you want to know the nosy questions they asked and all the details you can click over there and check it out! lol

thanks goes to Kristin for a great feature, hope everyone enjoys it.

MeanBean's interview with me