Upcoming for the holidays...

lots of new soaps on the curing rack, will be ready for November's holiday sale at the ALT Gallery.

Red Clover Tea - a sweet pea fragrance ***Sold Out***
handmade soap from Savonara

Apple Jack - spicy fruity scent Sold Out
handmade soap from savonara

Oatmeal Milk and Honey - warm and sweet, a favorite all year round ***Sold Out***
handmade soap from Savonara

Rose Mint - sold
handmade soap from Savonara

Dead Sea Mud - for the new Olive oil soap line, a bar that will pamper you silly with Dead Sea Mud and a soothing blend of essential oils including rosewood.
handmade soap from Savonara

Lavender Tea Tree - classic combination of skin-friendly essential oils in a creamy Olive oil soap, with a touch of geranium oil to brighten the fragrance. ***Sold Out***
handmade soap from Savonara

Orange Clove - this Olive oil soap shines in a citrus fragrance delicately touched by clove.
handmade soap from Savonara

Lemongrass Mint - another addition to the Olive oil soap line, a popular and refreshing blend of essential oils. ***Sold Out***
handmade soap from Savonara


Take a look...

A pair of colorful soaps just for fun.

Island Splash, a brightly colored layered soap that smells fruity and tropical. Sold Out
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Next, a soap that is truly one of a kind - yep, there's just one bar. Like mosaic tiles, each piece in the design is placed by hand to create a unique pattern. This is just one of eight different Mosaic Soaps you will see at our booth in the next few weeks. Sold Out
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New from Savonara: Olive Oil Soaps!!

In response to customer interest in natural olive oil soaps, we are introducing a new line. These Castile-style soaps are made with a blend of olive and rice bran oils and will also incorporate herbs, essential oils, clays and botanicals. We have been enjoying this unique recipe for over a year but recently decided to share it with our market customers due to the demand for a naturally colored & scented soap that fits the vegetarian lifestyle. But you don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy the natural aromas and dense foamy lather of this rich, creamy soap!

Here are the first three offerings in our new Olive Oil Soap line:

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From front to back: Lemongrass Mint, Lavender Tea Tree and Orange Clove.

Wow, response to the new line is great, and at the moment Lavender Tea Tree is sold out, with Orange Clove going fast... don't worry, we are making more! New scent blends are in the works as well, so check back now & then to see what new Olive Oil soaps are curing!



Savonara handmade soaps are now available at the Lotus Art Studio in Lotus, Ca. If you can't make it to the farmer's market in Garden Valley for our soap, please stop in and choose from the variety of bars that the Studio carries. At the moment you will find my regular line of soaps there, but in the near future you will be treated to an exclusive line of bars made only for the Studio with design & scent combinations you will not find anywhere else.

While you are there, check out what new owner Betty Norvell has done with the place - amazing! and well worth the stop. The Studio is becoming a valuable resource in our community, offering not only art and beautiful things to enhance your well-being, now there are yoga, bellydancing and drama classes going on!! The Lotus Art Studio is located on Highway 49 in Lotus, pull in at the pizza place and stay left down to the two story green building on your right.


Farmer's Market Schedule

Hey everyone,
it was so nice to get back out to the market and see all the familiar faces! We'll be attending the market twice a month whenever possible this summer. Once we come back from vacation at the end of the month, we'll be back on track. We will post any changes to the schedule if needed.
See you July 1st!!

August will see us at the market on the 5th and the 19th of the month. Hope you can make it!

September schedule as follows:

Sept. 02
Sept. 30

Oct. 7 not definite yet


Summertime Soaps (sorry these soaps are all sold out!)

Lemongrass Mint, a castile bar with the fresh uplifting fragrance of mint brightened with a touch of lemongrass.

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Blackberry Sage, a popular fruity scent with a brisk hint of sage – an irresistible combination! ***sold out***

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Herbal Garden – a fresh, herbal scent a lot like the old style herbal shampoo, very unisex & soapy clean.

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Pink Grapefruit, a castile bar with energizing grapefruit citrus in a three-color pink swirl. ***sold out***

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Lavender, the pure classic scent in a modern color combination that incorporates a chocolate brown sphere against cream and lavender layers. ***sold out***

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Just One – a very accurate dupe of a certain cologne by Calvin Klein, unisex, fresh, with a wisp of citrus. ***sold out***

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Cucumber - a crisp, sweet refreshing fragrance - surprisingly enticing.

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