Mosaic Soap

Striped tiles in cheerful blue, green and yellow create a diamond pattern against a pale blue background. The fragrance is a fresh unisex blend that is reminiscent of clean laundry dried on a clothesline in the spring breeze. (this is a limited edition soap)

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A collection of swirly planets floating in tropical tangerine triangles. Fragrance is a fresh tangy blend of citrus and blackberry.

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What's Glowin' on

A new version of the Glow scrub bar... this time, a pure white bar softly scented with Osmanthus - a sophisticated, fresh and oceany fragrance. I refuse to shower without one!

Slightly scrubbier than the original version. 3-3.5 oz.

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Moss & Rocks

The theme this week... nature. The result:

A moss green bar with pebbles strewn across the top, in a rich fragrance of sagebrush and pinion leaf.

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Then, a rustic bar with a granite appearance and a combination of lime, patchouli and a touch of mint.

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Bath Essentials

Here are the perfect companions to my soap -

First, shown in the small bowl in the photo below, a whipped shea that is a true body butter, not just a jarred cream - intensively moisturizing yet not thick and sticky. Made from unrefined shea butter (shown below in the red bowl) with all of its skin nourishing qualities, a tiny bit goes a long way and relieves ashy, itchy dryness.

Next, a sugar scrub that is not your average gloppy oil scrub. This one is specially formulated to turn creamy and lotion-like as it exfoliates. Rinses away, but leaves just the right amount of moisturizing behind.


Sea Pebbles

A trip to the coast, where the waves crashed onto a beach of time-worn pebbles in every shade imaginable, inspired this batch. Rich in shea butter, in the mellow herby fragrance of Chamomile, this one is as relaxing as an afternoon spent gazing out at the sea.

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