Beach Party in January

A summery design with watery swirls and sandy beach, in Sapmoss, a sophisticated perfume-like scent.
(this is a limited edition soap)

****Sold Out****
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Spring Fling

A fun confetti soap, lightly scented with a clean smelling floral/herbal blend.

****sold out****

Clean Cotton

****sold out****
This batch is scented with Clean Cotton and is making my whole house smell fresh! Like an armful of freshly washed linen, this fragrance is very popular with both men and women.


Sultry Nights

This is a Nag Champa blend swirled with black, a sensual rich fragrance enjoyed by men and women alike. A very "incense-like" scent. Groovy!

****Sold out****


Apple Ambrosia

Fresh, bright and fruity, this apple based fragrance is sweet and tangy with a note of spice. Ochre yellow with delicate aqua and leaf green swirl.

****Update - Sold Out****

Sea Salt Bar!

This is something different - not a soap - a sea salt spa bar! It's a cleansing bar with a unique smooth, hard-as-stone texture, and a light creamy lather. Delivers the benefits of a sea salt soak to your skin in bar form. Pale blue in a soft, upscale & elegant fragrance. Really refreshing for those times you need to wash away the sweat and grime.

Note:I have been using one of these bars myself and find that I like it for the oily "T-zone" of my face. I have not found it to be drying to the skin there. Others have reported to me that it they have enjoyed using it for other oily or very dirty areas such as the back or feet. Some others enjoy using it all over, some like to rub it directly on the skin and some like to lather it on a pouf or loofah. Men find it effective to give them a clean feeling that rinses away easily the way they like.

****Update - Only one of these hefty 6oz bars left! ****(Six ounce bar is the half bar size. There are no more 12 ounce bars left)


Lemon Blossom

****Sold Out****
Fresh sweet lemon, with a hint of jasmine.



A shea butter soap with the rustic look of stone, in a fragrance like a cool breeze through a spruce forest.

****Update - Sold out****


Blue Jeans

Here's a bar that was special ordered, a pure patchouli that I colored a denim shade of blue with a sprinkling with black and navy crumbles... kinda reminds me of a hippy dude in blue jeans...classic! ;)
****Update - none available****