Soaps made on a rainy Sunday

****Update - soaps from these batches all sold out****

Today I finally got to make an experimental batch that had been on my mind for a while. I'd been wanting to try some ginger soap. I haven't been able to pick the brain of anyone who has actually done it, so between a recipe found online and the suggestions of a few Dishers, I decided to do it using fresh ginger puree as my liquid. I wanted to see exactly what the ginger brings to the soap so this time I didn't add any color or fragrance. It is in the mold now and looks a golden color, at this point the soap is still raw so I can't detect whether the ginger scent has carried through at all.
The second batch today was a lavender blend, mostly lavender with a touch of Yuzu. I used the slab mold and added a periwinkle swirl. Jeanna, I don't know if you like lavender scent, but this may be the most purple-ish shade I've used so far, and I thought of you when I mixed it! :)

It's still in the mold too, so after these two batches come out I will add the pics.

I'm itching to do another embedded soap so I will be thinking about that, maybe get one done this week. I want to try the technique of using a bit of rebatch to join the embed pieces together, one of my last embeds shifted during pour so it came out a bit different than I'd planned. (Shhh, no one can tell though, right?);)

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