Wanna Glow?

What the heck is it, you ask? Well, you (hopefully) are familiar with my emulsifying scrub that turns to a lotion and rinses off, leaving you gently exfoliated and lightly moisturized... imagine it thicker... thicker... thicker... til you have a solid scrub bar that exfoliates and moisturizes, doesn't glop out of your hands and lasts several showers or baths... This is it!
Scented with a bright blend of Kumquat and Lavender, this will be the one part of your bathing ritual you won't ever want to skip. It will leave a light layer of rich emollients on your skin, you may notice you don't need a lotion after using this very special scrub. At 5.5 oz a generous portion that will have you looking forward to spoiling yourself with every shower.

****Update - Lavender Kumquat sold out
****Jasmine Kumquat sold out