Featured at MeanBean!

Today I got notice that I am being featured at the MeanBean blog. They interviewed me for this feature so if you want to know the nosy questions they asked and all the details you can click over there and check it out! lol

thanks goes to Kristin for a great feature, hope everyone enjoys it.

MeanBean's interview with me


Joanna Schmidt said...

Great interview, Sher! Loving your stuff sosososo much!

savonara said...

Thanks Joanna, likewise here!

dcyrill said...

So you were perfecting your craft from 1996 to 2004. That is great for me to know. So now I do not feel like I have to rush and throw just anything out there for folks to purchase. But I want it to be something that took time and effort even if it will take longer than expected. Thank you for sharing the interview. Your soaps are a work of art.:)

savonara said...

It's true dcyrill that it takes time to develop a product you are confident in and proud of. I did try other hobbies and went back to school... you know, life...there's so much more to do and learn!