Take a look...

A pair of colorful soaps just for fun.

Island Splash, a brightly colored layered soap that smells fruity and tropical. Sold Out
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Next, a soap that is truly one of a kind - yep, there's just one bar. Like mosaic tiles, each piece in the design is placed by hand to create a unique pattern. This is just one of eight different Mosaic Soaps you will see at our booth in the next few weeks. Sold Out
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Stevie D. said...

Wow, that is a lot of work on a bar of soap! Do people use these as hand soaps, or just decorations?

- Stevie D. (lazycomic.blogspot.com)

Savonara said...

Hi Stevie, thanks for your comment, that's a good question. A lot of people comment that "These soaps are too pretty to use!" and I encourage them to go ahead and display the bars for awhile! They do fragrance the room for quite some time, then once you stop noticing the scent it's time to use the soap up.

The primary function of my soap is to serve as an exceptionally mild alternative to commercial brands of soap and detergent bars. My original recipes have to pass the test of my own sensitive dry skin before they make it to market. Once the formula is tested and approved, the fun begins! Design and color give me a chance to play while I work, and I hope customers enjoy both aspects of my soap.

So use 'em up! I'll make more! :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

These are unbelievable. Would you allow me to show off your photos on my blog?


Of course, I would give you credit for them and provide a link.