Newly Listed

Two new Olive Oil soaps are now listed at my Etsy shop - take a peek! Just click on the photos below to go to the product's page in my shop.

Tea Tree with French Green Clay:

Tea Tree with Green ClayOrange Patchouli:Orange Patchouli


Joanna Schmidt said...

Can I tell ya? Gorgeous!!!!!!!! I am not a patchouli fan or ˆ'd buy those bars from you, but WOW, those Orange patchoulis are unbelievably swirly perfect!

Merka said...

Wow, the orange patchouli soaps look gorgeous! Off to check out the rest of your shop now!


Casey said...

WOW! Those are both stunning.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Your package is getting ready to go out the door - probably in tomorrow's mail. Yay - I am bubbling with excitement!

savonara said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait! :)

Waterrose said...

Those soap bars are so beautiful!