Spoiled Rotten

That's how I'm feeling after receiving some super-luscious yummy stuff from Product Body! I am thoroughly enjoying this gorgeous array of skin-pampering items. Their Mama Bomb is a perfectly balanced moisturizing blend that I'm finding just perfect for those areas like elbows that winter has been harsh to, and my jar of Shea Butter Infused Cream has claimed first place in my line-up of after-shower skin treats. I still have a sample of Sugarfoot to enjoy, the ruby red grapefruit scent is already a favorite. You can find PB's Sugarfoot mentioned as a Real Simple Pick in Real Simple magazine's May '08 issue - 'nuff said!


Joanna Schmidt said...

I am thoroughly enjoying sniffing your bars every two minutes, especially that moonlit one. Yummo! I am so thrilled you are loving the prods. You have inspired me to be better to my armpits. The armpit goo is officially my new weapon for stink, and I will be telling everyone about it soon. Promise.

"raise yer hand if yer sure!"

savonara said...

Aw, you are too kind. *rushes off to make another batch of armpit goo* :D